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New Road and Water Maintenance  Plans 

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                           Oakridge Mountain Community Association Fees

     The following is a summary of fees. The Covenants and/or Bylaws should be               consulted as to whether these fees are applicable to your specific situation. 
      Please be aware that all fees are subject to change.  

                           Late Payment/Non Payment Policy 
                      For Oakridge Mountain Community

                   Association Annual Dues and Special Assessments 

       Invoices will be mailed February 1 and due March 1. Late fee will apply after                March 31.
       Any payments not received by the due date will be considered delinquent.
       A late fee of 10% will be incurred on the 31st day after the due date.. A certified            return receipt letter will go to the member stating that payment is due
       This letter will also inform the member that a lien will be placed on the member's          property. The lien will include the past due amount, 10% late fee, $14.00 filing              fee, and a $50.00 administrative fee.
       A lien will be placed on the member's property not later than 60 days after the              due date. After the lien is placed, a letter will be sent to the member providing 
       a copy of  the lien.
       Failure to pay dues/assessments when due is also an event of default 
       under the standard Fannie Mae form of mortgage (in Georgia, a deed to 
       secure debt), ORMCA reserves the right to members lender of failure to pay 
       debt or assessments. 

                    Late Payment/Non Payment Policy For HOA 
                             WaterSystem Maintenance Fees 
                          (Does not apply to Phase III owners)

      All billings will be done quarterly, billed on the 1st and due on the 30th of the               following months: January, April, July, and October. A late fee of $25.00 will be             assessed if payment is not received by the due date as stated on the invoice.               After the due date, members will be given 15 days to pay their outstanding                   balance which will include the $25.00 late fee. If payment has not been received         by the 16th day after the due date, the Oakridge Mountain Community Association       Board reserves the right to turn off water service. There will be a $100.00                     reconnect fee, in addition to the amount owed, to reinstate water service.                     Members always have the option of paying fees ahead, quarterly or yearly. This           late/non-payment policy will be stated on all future invoices

                                      Gate and Remote Controls

     Remote controls for the front gate are available through Rick George for $50.00.          Renters may obtain a remote control by paying a $50 deposit which will be                  refundable upon return of the remote, provided it is good working condition and            able to be resold. There is also a keypad entry for those not needing or wanting a        remote. The gate will be operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should you            have an upcoming event that might necessitate leaving the gate open for several        hours, please contact Rick George at least five days in advance to make                      arrangements.

                                      Name and Address Signs

     The green and white name/address signs are optional and can be purchased at          your  expense. Cohutta Rustic Signs is the company that has the dimensions and        graphics  for these signs. If you choose to have a sign, it should conform with the        design  provided by Cohutta Rustic Signs. They are located at 179 Tails Creek            Road Ellijay, GA. Phone Number ( 706 ) 635-5331.

                                Landfill and Convenience Centers

       The landfill is located at: 456 Tower Road Telephone: 706-635-7696

       There is one Convenience Center nearby for disposing of trash: Cartecay                     Convenience Center 4154 GA. Highway 52 East, Telephone: 706-276-7796

       For information on all other centers and hours of operation go to the Gilmer                  County government web site at:                                                                                      http://www.gilmercountygagov/departments/solid-waste.aspx  

      Gilmer County is offering recycling at the Tower Road, Cartecay & Coosawattee
      locations. They have dumpsters that accommodate combined recyclables. Items         accepted include: newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans,                      magazines and more. A full list of items that are accepted can be obtained by 
       asking at the above locations.

                             Helpful Locations and Items of Concern

       The library is located at 268 Calvin Jackson Drive, Phone: 706-635-4528

       The local Chamber of Commerce can provide you with local information and                 maps of the area, 368 Craig Street, Ellijay, GA. 30540 Phone: 706-635-7400,               http://www.gilmerchamber.com/default.htm

       The local newspaper is the Times Courier, 47 River St, Phone: (706) 635-4313

       There are bears in Oakridge Mountain. In order to be good neighbors to them, 
       it is recommended that all garbage be double wrapped before being put outside           in trash containers. If bears smell garbage they will go after it. If they are                       considered a nuisance, they are not relocated, they are euthanized.

       There are leash laws in East Ellijay. Pets are not to roam freely in the                             neighborhood.

        Although part of the community is physically in East Ellijay, our address is Ellijay,          GA. 30536